Mercs and berks

I’ve been a mercenary for a few months now – freelancer, whatever – and… it’s great. I mean, there’s no guaranteed pay and that’s stressful, but I’m back doing the sort of work I should be doing and I’m bloody well enjoying it.

Plus this time around I’m in London, so that’s opened up a few opportunities for me I didn’t have back in Bournemouth. Today I went to a digital arts workshop, which I’ll be returning to tomorrow and Sunday, and took all that ambiance in.

And let me tell you – it’s quite different to the world of videogaming events that I’m used to. There are these things at art workshops, at least from what I’ve seen, called ‘women’. There’s another rogue element too, called ‘people who aren’t young white men’. Honestly, I was blown away. Revelatory.

I know what you’re thinking – the women were in skimpy outfits, there to hawk whatever wares were on show, and the non-white folk were all working there, not attending of their own accord. But that’s not the case!

I got up on the mic (“microphone”) at the front of the room and asked, just to be sure. “Are you women and people of colour all here for work-related reasons, or were you forced into doing this in order to earn a bit of money with which you can feed and clothe yourselves?”

(Note: I expected they would all be there for work, so I didn’t ask if they were there for personal reasons)

Nobody answered and for some reason I was quickly and forcefully escorted out of the venue, before it was explained to me that there’s a world outside of that you see in the gaming press and other industries are actually far more open and welcoming to people from all walks of life.

You couldn’t make it up!!!

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