My best work? Maybe…

I like this feature that went up today – it was fun to write, even if it took a long time and… well, I’m not exactly rich because of it.

Read it here, if you’re so inclined.

It’s just… I feel some level of – I dunno, ‘kinship’? with Chris Roberts. Northern. Nerdy. Enthusiastic about space games. Not much bullshit about him. Likes good sci-fi.

I mean, the dude has millions and is a successful game-maker and film producer, whereas I’m a chump with three keyboards and a dog whose farts have become stinkier in recent weeks – there are differences.

But at a fundamental level I feel some weird bond with the man. That may colour any critical coverage of Star Citizen I give, so I’m likely to avoid that. But from a feature-writing perspective it makes me happy. Always nice to do something on someone you like and respect – and even better when they turn out to not be doucheasses.

Anyway, work and that innit. Imagine a world where people paid attention and I was paid well for what I did. Ha!


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