Wanna play Doom?

I’m paraphrasing a Friends quote there. I also just remembered that Doom is referenced in Friends. Crikey.

Anyway, Doom 2 was 20 recently, so I did some words on it here. You may have noticed that the main gif on these pages is a man’s face in varying states. That’s Doomguy. He’s the character, though you can hardly call him that, you play as in the Doom series. I love him, and it.

It’s a series I can still go back to any time I want, and I’ll always –¬†always – have fun with it. Saying it’s like popcorn in game form seems a bit dismissive, but only if you think popcorn is anything other than brilliant.

In fact, it’s probably more like popcorn with a steak on top, because then it’s amazing and delicious¬†and it fills you up, which popcorn alone doesn’t do.

Basically what I’m saying is: I’m hungry.

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