Who am I?

I am Ian Dransfield – London-based freelance writer, journalist, editor, researcher, video editor, voiceover man, sometime on-camera presence and all-round decent guy. I think. When I look pretty good (with an Instagram filter involved), I look like this:


I’m a games journalist of some 10 years’ experience, having plied my trade for the likes of Play magazine, Kotaku, GamesTM, PC Gamer, Joystiq, CVG, X-One, US Gamer, Retro Gamer, Digital Spy, NowGamer, Videogamer, the Press Association and Empire.

See some of the things I’ve done here.

I was also editor of BT.com’s GMA-nominated Games section, until the powers that be summarily executed it. Nobody likes games, apparently.

Away from games I’ve worked for the likes of 3D Total, MoFilm, 3D Artist, Big Cheese Magazine, hecklerspray (with its intentional lower case ‘h’) and a plethora of music sites big and small.

I also do videos – every now and then professionally, but mainly on the Bransfield channel of YouTube. Some of them are pretty good, actually – and I post most of them here anyway.

I’m available for any and all freelance commissions, so get in touch if you’re interested in chatting about what I can help you with.